Wim Gombert

CHAPTER 7 Oral pro ciency in L2 French: “Learning to use” versus “using to learn” 105 Abstract 106 Introduction 107 Literature 107 Method 114 Results 118 Discussion and conclusion 119 CHAPTER 8 Summary, general discussion and conclusion 125 Summary of this study 127 Discussion: di erences in processing 131 Conclusion 135 References 140 Appendices 156 A Rubric used for the assessment of writing skills (chapter 5) B Example of the materials used to prepare students for the writing exams (chapter 5) C Example of a writing exam used to test writing skills (chapter 5) D VBA Script used to automatically identify chunks in texts (chapter 6) E Excel code to enable communication with Word macros (chapter 6) F e SOPA rating scale used for the assessment of oral pro ciency (chapter 7) G e SOPA Protocol for testing oral pro ciency (chapter 7) List of abbreviations 179 List of tables and gures 180 Nederlandse samenvatting 181 Groningen dissertations in linguistics (GRODIL) 183