Alexander Beulens

133 Structured robot-assisted surgery training curriculum for residents in Urology and impact on future surgical activity Appendix Appendix 1: Criteria for participation in the Robot assisted surgery course for residents. 1. A document signed by your University supervisor, stating that you are in your last year of residency. 2. A letter of recommendation by one of your former or current (onco/robot) supervisors. 3. A statement by the person who will be your supervisor after the course, which confirms that you will have access to robotic surgery in the near future (ideally you should be able to take part in at least 9 robotic procedures in the next 3 months). We will ask you to log these procedures. 4. A certificate or other proof that you attended at least one practical course in robotic surgery (such as ESRU Starter’s package, ESU/ERUS Hand-on training in Robotic surgery, WRSE24, other). 5. A letter of motivation that explains why you apply for this course. 6. Successful completion of the online training module for the Da Vinci Xi (attach certificate). Link: ?tab1=CL