Alexander Beulens

Chapter 1 Introduction and Outline of the Thesis 9
Chapter 2 The value of a 1-day multidisciplinary robot surgery training for novice robot surgeons 29
Chapter 3 Training novice robot surgeons: Proctoring provides same results as simulator-generated guidance 55
Chapter 4 Robot assisted surgical skills training for residents in Urology 109
Chapter 5 Five Years of the CC-ERUS Fellowship: A Survey of the Experiences and Post-fellowship Work of the Fellows 143
Chapter 6 Linking surgical skills to postoperative outcomes: a Delphi study on the robot-assisted radical prostatectomy 157
Chapter 7 A prospective observational multicentre study concerning non-technical skills in robot assisted radical cystectomy versus open radical cystectomy 185
Chapter 8 Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy: A survery on the influence of postoperative results analysis and surgical video review on postoperative complications and functional results 205
Chapter 9 Identifying surgical factors predicting postoperative urinary continence in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy 227
Chapter 10 Identifying surgical factors predicting postoperative potency in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy 251
Chapter 11 Identifying the relationship between postoperative urinary continence and residual urethra stump measurements in robot assisted radical prostatectomy patients 277
Chapter 12 Analysis of the video motion tracking system ‘Kinovea’ to assess surgical movements during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy 299
Chapter 13 General discussion, conclusions, and future perspectives 327
Summary 347
Nederlandse samenvatting 361
Appendix 377
List of abbreviations 379
List of publications 385
PHD Portfolio 393
Dankwoord 401
About the author 411