Alexander Beulens

134 Chapter 4 Appendix 2 advanced course in Robot Assisted Surgery curriculum Duration 5 days Day 1 • Introduction of the training program • System overview of the Da Vinci Xi and X; Docking, port placement • Simulator exercises and tests of the ERUS Curriculum • Simulation training and docking exercises • Exercises on the Pelvic Model & suturing pad, vesico-urethral anastomosis kit • Venezuelan Chicken model & vesico-urethral anastomosis exercises Day 2 Half group Half group All steps of the prostatectomy on a canine cadaver Live Case Observations Radical prostatectomy • Endopelvic fascia incision and pre-prostatic adipose tissue removal • Bladder neck incision • Ductus deferentes identification and section • Denonviller’s fascia detachment and sparing • Prostatic vascular pedicles sparing • Urethro-vescical anastomosis • Pelvic Lymphadenectomy • Dissection of pelvic arteries and veins • Fat tissue removal • Ureter re-implantation • Ureter isolation and section Location: OLV hospital Aalst, Moorselbaan 164, 9300 Aalst Live case observations with dual bay console. Procedures and techniques that will be used during the training week are demonstrated. Logistical organization of the surgery room is highlighted. Surgery program dependent on planning hospital. Minimum 4 procedures.