Wim Gombert

70 CHAPTER 5 ABSTRACT is chapter compares the writing skills a er six years of instruction in two di erent communicative programs. e rst one is a “weak” version with a structure based (SB) syllabus and the other a “strong” version with a dynamic usage based (DUB) approach. It is argued that writing skills may rely more than any other skill on a Focus on Forms (FoFs) approach. is is partially motivated by early ndings in SLA research, which showed that explicit instruction is more e ective in foreign language acquisition (Norris & Ortega, 2000; Spada & Tomita, 2010) and is even considered essential to achieve accuracy in advanced writing (Gunnarsson, 2012). e results suggest that the programs are equally e ective in achieving grammatical accuracy and obtaining general text scores, but a DUB program seems more e ective in achieving lexical complexity and uency.