Wim Gombert

156 APPENDIX A Rubric based on benchmarked texts for the assessment of writing skills Level 4 (high): - Good use of complex subordinate clauses - Choice of words is varied and good - Not many mistakes that might annoy - Message is clear - Good collocations - Text is well structured. Good use of connecting words - Good syntax - Many correct sentences. Level 3: - Longer, complex sentences are used but short ones as well. - Tense use predominantly correct - Verbs are often well conjugated - Message is mostly clear. Sometimes re-reading is needed. - Word use is varied and mostly correct - Sometimes a lack of coherence necessitates re-reading and analysis - Grammatical errors occur but do not annoy. Level 2: - Basic vocabulary - Errors in tense use are frequent - Numerous grammatical errors occur - Verbs are often conjugated poorly or not at all - Syntax is not very good. Requires rereading the text again. - Text is not always coherent. Level 1 (low): - A lot of grammatical errors - Longer sentences are not coherent and often not quite clear. - No text cohererence. Re-reading is needed for comprehension. - Few verbs used - Hardly any correct sentence - Choice of words is poor and regularly causes a lack of comprehension. - Numerous errors in verb use (conjugation and tenses) - “Dutch syntax”