Alexander Beulens

39 The value of a 1-day multidisciplinary robot surgery training for novice robot surgeons During the introduction of the training the participants were informed that all data would be analysed anonymously. Informed consent was given by all participants. Under Dutch law no ethical review is necessary for this type of study. Procedure The training consisted of pre-training preparation, a theoretical session, a practical session on the robot set-up and a simulation session on virtual reality simulators (figure 1) Figure 1 Program flow diagram Pre-training preparation The pre-training preparation consisted of an e-learning module (, and basic skills training at the participants’ own hospital. The e-learning helped participants to become familiar with the specific robot platform and took approximately 2 h to complete. Since research shows at least 10 h of basic skills training is needed to become proficient in basic robot surgery skills [10], participants were recommended to do at least 10 h of basic skills training in their own hospital, on both simulator and dry lab facilities if available. Questionnaire 3: Questionnaire on educational value of the training 1. If you have to give this training a grade of 1-10? What grade would you give? 2. what could be improved in this training?