Alexander Beulens

38 Chapter 2 Questionnaire 2: continued 25. Do you know how the console can be adjusted in terms of ergonomics? A. Yes B. No 26. Do you know how the Camera is operated from the console? A. Yes B. No 27. Do you know how the Camera can be moved and zoomed in and out? A. Yes B. No 28. Do you know how the instruments can be moved? A. Yes B. No 29. Do you know how between arms can be changed? A. Yes B. No 30.Do you know how mono-polar and bipolar coagulation can be activated? A. Yes B. No 31.Do you know what needs to be discussed with the anesthetist specifically in the area of robot surgery? A. Yes B. No 32.Do you know how to give good instructions according to the closed-loop principle (because of the lack of eye contact and the view of the operator on the patient)? A. Yes B. No 33.Do you know how to convert in an emergency situation? A. Yes B. No 34. Do you know how the robot can be disconnected with the help of an Allen key? A. Yes B. No 35.Do you know where the emergency stop of the robot is? A. Yes B. No 36.Do you know how pressing the emergency stop can be undone? A. Yes B. No 37. Do you know how to deal with power outages? A. Yes B. No Using a third online questionnaire, the perceived educational value questionnaire (see “Questionnaire 3”). All questionnaires were validated using face validity by a panel of experts in the field of surgical robotics.