Maarten Cozijnsen

Chapter 1 General introduction 9
Chapter 2 Development and validation of the mucosal inflammation non-invasive index for pediatric Crohn’s disease 33
Chapter 3 Top-down Infliximab Study in Kids with Crohn’s disease (TISKids): an international multicenter randomized controlled trial 53
Chapter 4 Infliximab has more impact than prednisolone on leukocyte RNA expression and serum inflammatory protein concentrations in peripheral blood of therapy naïve pediatric Crohn's disease patients 69
Chapter 5 Adalimumab therapy in children with Crohn’s disease previously treated with infliximab 95
Chapter 6 The benefits and risks of combining anti-tumor necrosis factor with immunomodulator therapy in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease 113
Chapter 7 General discussion 139
Summary 155
Samenvatting 159
Co-authors’ affiliations 165
About the author 169
Dankwoord 175