Anouk Donners

58 Chapter 3 Figure 4. On the x-axis sample volumes from one volunteer is plotted versus the signal intensity corrected for volume on the y-axis; error bars represent mean with SD, n = 2. Even though the Sigma plate had the highest capacity (>300 pmol/well) compared to the Thermo Scientific ∼125 pmol/well, the results show that both plates performed equally well (Figure 5). The linearity was maintained even at the highest volume of 75 µL (500 ng/mL) and the variations in duplicates were similar between plates and low. The reason for this good agreement is because only 0.1 pmol FVIII needed to be purified in the highest standard and both plates had more than 1000× molar access streptavidin per FVIII available. Thermo Scientific plates were chosen because they were significantly cheaper and were available in 8-well strip format. Figure 5. Signal intensity obtained with different streptavidin coated 96 well plates, namely the SigmaScreen from Sigma and Thermo Scientific Pierce Streptavidin Coated High Capacity Plates using various sample volumes of the highest standard 500 ng/mL, errors bars representing SD with n = 2.