Anouk Donners

194 Appendices About the author Anouk Donners was born on the 16th of February 1991 in Heerlen, the Netherlands, as the first of three daughters. In 2009, she graduated from secondary school (Gymnasium) at Trevianum Scholengroep in Sittard. She obtained both her Bachelor’s (2013) and Master’s degree (2015) in Pharmacy at Utrecht University. She participated actively in several student committees and organizations during her studies. As part of her Master program, she performed a research internship about perceived immune status and sleep at the Henry Ford Sleep Research Center in Detroit, USA. Additionally, she performed two internships at the hospitals of Maastricht and Leiden, because of her affinity with an academic hospital setting. These three internships highly motivated her to combine research and care, due to the complexity and the potential clinical impact on a patient’s therapy. After graduating as a pharmacist, Anouk started her career in the clinical pharmacy of the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) in 2016. Here, she was accepted for a pharmacy residency program in combination with a PhD project. From the start thereof, she was fascinated by innovative drugs, such as biopharmaceuticals and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs). Consequently, she focused on the pharmaceutical laboratory and protein analysis, manufacturing of ATMPs and was trained as a Qualified Person during her residency program. After completing her residency program in 2019, she continued with her PhD project at the department of clinical pharmacy (prof. dr. Toine Egberts and dr. Karin Rademaker) in close collaboration with the Van Creveldkliniek (prof. dr. Roger Schutgens and dr. Kathelijn Fischer). During her PhD project, she worked on measuring and monitoring of factor VIII and emicizumab and the clinical implications in people with haemophilia A. Currently, she works as a hospital pharmacist and as a Qualified Person (with a focus on ATMPs) in the department of clinical pharmacy of the UMCU.