Anouk Donners

172 Chapter 9 Concluding remarks This thesis investigated how to optimise monitoring FVIII and emicizumab in PwHA. This thesis provides a framework for measuring therapeutic proteins, such as FVIII and emicizumab, in human plasma using LC-MS/MS bioanalysis (Chapters 2, 3 and 5). The concentration-biomarker relationship of FVIII and the dose–response relationship of emicizumab were investigated, yielding more questions than answers regarding FVIII (Chapter 4), but mainly answers for emicizumab (Chapters 5−7). Subsequently, I conducted studies to support the cost-efficient dosing of emicizumab, which could inspire others to dose other biopharmaceuticals more cost efficiently (Chapters 6−8). This thesis adds knowledge to the optimisation of monitoring FVIII and emicizumab in PwHA by addressing some issues while simultaneously raising others, and now future researchers, pharmacists and clinicans must further build on the findings of this thesis. Author’s contribution AD conceived the idea and set-up the general discussion. AD conducted literature review, outlined and wrote the general discussion. Throughout the process, AD asked and implemented input and feedback from the supervision team.