Anouk Donners

159 General Discussion (measured using LC-MS/MS) versus the FVIII activity (measured using clotting assay) and emicizumab’s concentration in routine daily practice. Thesis objectives The overarching objective of this thesis was to optimise drug monitoring of FVIII and emicizumab in PwHA via the following sub-objectives: 1) developing and validating LC-MS/MS methods that quantify the concentrations of FVIII and emicizumab in human plasma 2) investigating the concentration–biomarker relationship of FVIII and the dose– concentration–response relationship of emicizumab 3) proposing and evaluating a cost-efficient dosing strategy for emicizumab Figure 2. Dose–concentration–response relationship with bioanalysis of FVIII and emicizumab in PwHA including the chapters of the thesis. 9