Anouk Donners

131 Entire-vial dosing of emicizumab Figure 2. The number of individuals per entire-vial dosing interval of the initial maintenance dose of emicizumab (n = 112). Plasma concentrations of emicizumab A total of 264 plasma concentrations of emicizumab during the loading phase (n = 90) and the maintenance phase (n = 174) were available. These emicizumab concentrations according to the time after the first injection with emicizumab are presented in Figure 3. The concentrations from the six (self-reported) non-adherent individuals (red squares) were comparable to those from the adherent individuals (blue points) during the loading phase, but their concentrations declined during the maintenance phase. In the adherent individuals only (88 of 106 had a concentration during maintenance phase available), the between-individual variability (%CV) increased with time and was 38%, whereas the within-individual variability was 15% for individuals with at least two concentrations (n = 42) and was 22% for individuals with at least three concentrations (n = 15). 7