Wim Gombert

CHAPTER 6. Chunks in writing 93 in turn based the categorization on Moon (1997, pp. 44–47) with two additional chunk types identi ed in other studies. Partially schematic chunks include structures and complements, which require slots to be lled. Fully xed chunks include compounds, particles, collocations, xed phrases and discourse chunks, which do not have open slots. TABLE 12. Categorization of chunks, adapted from Verspoor et al. (2012, p. 250) Label Definition Examples* Partially schematic chunks Structures Fixed expression with slot-fillers j’ai vu une vidéo, trois jours par semaine, Il faut être prudent, il y a des personnes qui disent que Complements Verb with a complement (infinitives, gerunds, nominal sentences, or reflexives) tu veux ....., on a vu que ….., on dit que ….., C’est une bonne idée de ….., je pense que ….. Fully fixed chunks Compounds Fixed combinations of nouns, adjectives, prepositions, or particles point de vue, tout le monde, espérance de vie, quelque chose, le marché noir, aujourd’hui, quelqu’un Particles Verbs or nouns with prepositions or particles, including phrasal verbs beaucoup de, dans le futur, risque de, loin du, difficile à, aspirent à, à la télévision, lutter contre Collocations Collocating nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and/ or pronouns plusieurs fois, chaque jour, gagnait l’argent, tomber enceinte, commet un crime, a besoin d’argent, Fixed Phrases Conventional combinations of words, often idiomatic, usually consisting of more than two words il y a, autant que possible, tout le temps, c’est une bonne idée, je ne sais pas, je suis contre Discourse Any form of chunk with a discourse function d’une part, par exemple, parce que, tout d’abord *The French examples are taken from the present study; the original source used English examples. To ensure the appropriateness of this chunk categorization for intermediate-level French, rst a random sample of 5 SB and 5 DUB essays were selected and coded along the same lines. e operationalization for English revealed to be quite suitable for French.