Wim Gombert

20 CHAPTER 2 e study reported in this dissertation aims to compare the e ects of two communicative methods of teaching French as a Foreign Language (FFL) a er six years of instruction. e rst, structure-based (SB), could be considered a “learning to use” approach and the second, Dynamic Usage-based (DUB), a “using to learn” approach. is chapter presents a brief history of some major foreign language learning approaches and assumptions as they historically shaped both the research eld and educational practices; its main aim is to detail the di erences between the two communicative approaches, explicating why a structure-based view of language is more in line with a “learning to use” approach and a usage-based view on language with a “using to learn” approach. is chapter thus builds the foundations for this dissertation’s work, linking linguistic theory with the empirical ndings of subsequent chapters.