Wim Gombert

126 CHAPTER 8 In the rst section of this chapter the results of the four individual studies will be summarized. ese results convincingly show that a Dynamic Usage-Based (DUB) program is more e ective than a Structure-Based (SB) program in the development of oral skills, listening (chapter 4) and speaking (chapter 7), without a detrimental e ect on written skills, reading (chapter 4) and writing (chapter 5 and 6). ese results provide a clear answer to the central research question of this thesis in that a DUB program appears to be more e ective in developing oral skills than an SB program and equally e ective in developing written skills as an SB program. ese ndings inevitably lead to the question why this DUB program is more e ective. e second and nal section of this chapter will then propose an answer to this question, discuss implications for e ective foreign language teaching practice based on recent research and the results of this study, describe the limitations of this study and propose future directions.