Wim Gombert

106 CHAPTER 7 ABSTRACT is study presents and compares the results of two instructional programs of L2 French in the Netherlands a er 6 years of secondary school speci cally in speaking skills. e rst program, commonly used in the Netherlands can be termed a “weak” version of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and is based on a structure-based (SB) view of language with a great deal of attention to grammatical accuracy, o en explained through the medium of the L1. e second program can be considered a “strong” version of CLT that is in line with so-called dynamic usage-based (DUB) principles, in which exposure to and active use of the target language is key, and there is no explicit attention to grammar. Previous sub-studies have shown no di erences in reading skills (authors, submitted) nor in writing skills (authors, submitted), not even in accuracy. e results of the present study indicate that a teaching practice based on strong CLT in line with DUB principles is more e ective in promoting oral language pro ciency in French than the weak CLT approach.