Bastiaan Sallevelt

51 Performance of a trigger tool for detecting adverse drug reactions Declarations Authors’ contributions Authorship eligibility is based on the four ICMJE authorship criteria. The authors certify that they have participated in the aspects conception and design (NN, WK), acquisition of data (NN, BS, WL), interpretation of data (NN, BS, TE, EvP, IW, WK), drafting the article (BS, NN) and revising it critically for important intellectual content (NN, BS, WL, TE, EvP, IW, WK). All authors have approved the final article. We have not received substantial contributions from non-authors. NN and BS are joint-first authors. Competing interests The author(s) declare that they have no competing interests. Data availability statement Data for this study will be made available to others in the scientific community upon request after publication. Ethics approval The Research Ethics Committee of University Medical Centre Utrecht confrmed that the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act was not applicable to this study, and a waiver was granted (no. WAG/mb/17/024864) Funding No funding was received for conducting this study. Informed consent Not applicable. Trial registration Not applicable. 2