Bastiaan Sallevelt

170 CHAPTER 2.3 Table SI2.2. Continued. Drug Class (ATC) ATC Code Description (ATC) STOPP Criteria START Criteria Comments Opioids N02AC52 methadone, combinations excl. Psycholeptics L1 H1 Opioids N02AD01 pentazocine L1 H1 Opioids N02AD02 phenazocine L1 H1 Opioids N02AE01 buprenorphine L1 H1 Opioids N02AG01 morphine and antispasmodics H1 Opioids N02AG04 hydromorphone and antispasmodics H1 Opioids N02AX01 tilidine H1 Opioids N02AX02 tramadol L1 H1 Opioids N07BC01 buprenorphine F3, L2 H1, H2 Opioids N07BC02 methadone F3, L1, L2 H1, H2 Opioids N07BC05 levomethadone F3, L2 H1, H2 Opioids N07BC06 diamorphine F3, L1, L2 H1, H2 Opioids R05DA04 codeine F3, L2 H2 Laxatives A06A DRUGS FOR CONSTIPATION L2 H2 Laxatives A02AA04 magnesium hydroxide L2 H2 Laxatives A06AC Bulk-forming laxatives D2 Proton pump inhibitors A02BC proton pump inhibitors C2, C11, H1, H8 D1 Proton pump inhibitors A02BC01 omeprazole F2 Proton pump inhibitors A02BC02 pantoprazole F2 Proton pump inhibitors A02BC03 lansoprazole F2