Bastiaan Sallevelt

169 Conversion of STOPP/START version 2 into coded algorithms - SI Table SI2.2. Continued. Drug Class (ATC) ATC Code Description (ATC) STOPP Criteria START Criteria Comments Anilides N02BE51 paracetamol, combinations excl. Psycholeptics H3, L1 Anilides N02BE71 paracetamol, combinations with Psycholeptics H3, L1 Opioids N02A OPIOIDS F3, L2 H2 Opioids N02AA01 morphine L1 H1 Opioids N02AA51 morphine, combinations L1 H1 Opioids N02AA03 hydromorphine H1 Opioids N02AA04 nicomorphine H1 Opioids N02AA05 oxycodone L1 H1 Opioids N02AA08 dihydrocodeine H1 Opioids N02AA58 dihydrocodeine, combinations H1 Opioids N02AA59 codeine, combinations excl. Psycholeptics H1 Opioids N02AA79 codeine, combinations with pyscholeptics H1 Opioids N02AB02 pethidine L1 H1 Opioids N02AB52 pethidine, combinations excl. Psycholeptics L1 H1 Opioids N02AB72 pethidine, combinations incl. Psycholeptics L1 H1 Opioids N02AG03 pethidine and antispasmodics L1 H1 Opioids N02AB03 fentanyl L1 H1 2