Alexander Beulens

45 The value of a 1-day multidisciplinary robot surgery training for novice robot surgeons sight into the participants ability to move the arms of the robot and the operation and movement of the camera. For this exercise, results from different variables were analysed. These variables included the total time to complete the exercise, the number of needle drops during the exercise, and the percentage of accurate needle passes. The total time to complete the exercise showed a significant decrease in the second attempt (p = 0.002) (Table 2). The number of needle drops showed a significant decrease of needle drops in the second attempt (p = 0.016) (Table 2). Questionnaire results The BPR questionnaire (“Questionnaire 2”) was based on the ‘BPR’ developed by the NIVEL [7]. The questions investigated the participants self-assessed competence in each of the basic proficiency requirements at the end of the training. The questions can be divided into 7 categories; ‘Robot functionalities’, ‘image’, ‘preparation’, ‘console functionalities’, ‘communication’, ‘emergency situations’, and ‘power supply’. A majority of the participants (71.4%) reported most requirements (32 of the 37 situations) as mastered (Table 5) The five situations which were reported as not mastered by a large portion of the participants were; how to undo an emergency stop of the robot (not mastered by 75% of the participants), how to act in case of a power failure (not mastered by 62.5% of the participants), how to check all the articulating instruments (not mastered by 56.3% of the participants), the meaning of the different icons on the display (not mastered by 43.8% of the participants), and how to take into account in advance that the table cannot be moved after docking (not mastered by Table 4 correlation between number of mastered requirements and simulation scores, r = Pearson correlation, # significant correlation (p<0.05) Exercise Attempt r (p) Pick and Place 1 0.35 (0.915) Pick and Place clutching 1 -0.235 (0.440) 2 -0.169 (0.582) Camera Targeting I 1 -0.315 (0.294) 2 -0.222, (0.512) Energy dissection 1 -0.587 (0.097) 2 -0.285 (0.457) Suture exercise Total time to complete 1 -0.707 (0.033)# 2 -0.007 (0.988) Needle drops 1 -0.456 (0.217) 2 -0.397 (0.330) accurate needle passes 1 0.085 (0.828) 2 -0.044 (0.918)