Alexander Beulens

197 A prospective observational multicentre study concerning non-technical skills in robot assisted radical cystectomy versus open radical cystectomy. and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for significant predictors on univariate analysis and clinically relevant covariates. Statistical significance is set at p < 0.05 based on a two-tailed comparison. Statistical analyses will be performed using SPSS Statistics version 24 (IBM, NY). Primary outcome measurements The following outcomes will be reported. Non-technical skills will be observed using five different methods. 1. NOTSS: Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons.16 The focus of the NOTSS assessment method lies on the following aspects of Non-Technical Skills: - Situation Awareness: Developing and maintaining a dynamic awareness of the situation in operating theatre based on assembling data from the environment, understanding what they mean, and thinking ahead about what may happen next. - Decision Making: Skills for diagnosing the situation and reaching a judgement in order to choose an appropriate course of action. - Communication and Teamwork: Skills for working in a team context to ensure that the team has an acceptable shared overview of the situation and can complete tasks effectively. - Leadership: Leading the team and providing direction, demonstrating high standards of clinical practice and care, and being considerate about the needs of individual team members. 2. Oxford NOTECHS II: A Modified Theatre Team Non-Technical Skills Scoring System.11,12 The focus of the NOTECHS II assessment method lies on the following aspects of Non-Technical Skills: - leadership and management - teamwork and co-operation - problem-solving and decision-making - situation awareness 3. OTAS: Observational Teamwork Assessment for Surgery.20