Alexander Beulens

194 Chapter 7 Figure 2 overview of the video analysis software Digital Video Coach. Level 1 labels Level 2 labels 4. ICARS: non-technical skills evaluation in robotic surgery.17 5. Human factors analysis21 Technical skills in Robot Assisted Radical Cystectomy will be analysed using two different methods: Since no intra-corporal videos of the Open Radical Cystectomy can be recorded due to blocking of the image by the surgeons and the OR lights, and difficulty getting a clear view into the surgical area in the pelvic region from a distance. The technical skills analysis will only be performed on the Robot assisted radical prostatectomy videos. This method of analysis will be performed to investigate the influence of robot assisted surgery experience on Non-technical skills and outcome of the surgery. 1. GEARS: Global Evaluative Assessment of Robotic Skill.7 2. GERT: Generic Error Rating Tool.5 Data Collection and handling Data collection will consist of video capturing and analysis of patient records. Two trained observers (observer 1 and 2 bot have a background in medicine), with orientation and training in both Non-Technical Skills and technical assessment methods, will independently observe surgical videos. All video’s will be analysed by both researchers. In case of disagreement a third independent expert with a psychology and leadership assessment background (observer 3) will be asked to perform a third analysis. Interrater reliability will be analysed using Cohens Kappa. The surgical video will be assessed in multiple phases, in each phase an Non-Tech-