Alexander Beulens

17 Introduction and Outline of the Thesis Methodology In this thesis we focus on the training of new surgical skills in novice surgeons and the implementation of surgical skills analysis in novice and expert surgeons. Different forms of surgical skill analyses were investigated in both novice surgeons (surgical skills simulation) and expert surgeons (surgical video analysis). to determine which form of analysis is more functional in either group. The surgical skills simulation was used to gain insight into the effects of different forms of guidance and training on the technical skills of novice surgeons. Surgical video analysis in expert surgeons was used to identify if surgical skills could be related to postoperative outcome in robot assisted radical prostatectomy patients. Multiple surveys and a Delphi process were used in the studies represented in this thesis to gain insight into the effects of surgical skills training in novice surgeons and the opinions of urologist who perform robot assisted surgery on the origins of complications and the use of postoperative results analysis.