Hanna de Jong-Markus

General Conclusion and Discussion 8 153 design research (cf. McKenney & Reeves, 2019; Sandoval, 2013) within primary schools and/or at the teacher education institute. In this way, the complex challenges for improvement that exist around aspects like approaching mono-religious characteristics from a citizenship perspective or paying more attention to external religious diversity (see Section 8.3) can be systematically addressed in practice while simultaneously gaining theoretical understanding. In my role as research lecturer within the educational Master’s programmes at the teacher education institute, I have come to greatly appreciate the value of practice-based research thanks to the learning effect of conducting research, the recognition of teachers’ practical wisdom, and the immediate significance of the research in practice. Moreover, it proved fascinating for me to work on this dissertation in recent years because the topic deals with issues that touch the heart of individuals as well as the heart of society. I therefore hope to continue engaging with the central themes of this research as a researcher myself, together with colleagues in the field. But above all I hope that this study will stimulate teachers to be again and again aware of their precious position in the religious socialisation of children, as well as in the chances they have to stimulate children’s contributions to living peacefully together in a diverse society.