Hylke Salverda

Abstract Background Large amounts of data are collected in neonatal intensive care units which could be used for research. It is unclear whether this data, usually sampled at a lower frequency, is sufficient for retrospective studies. We investigated what to expect when using one-per-minute data for descriptive statistics. Methods One-per-second inspiratory oxygen and saturation was processed to oneper-minute data and compared on average, standard deviation, target range time, hypoxia, days of supplemental oxygen, and missing signal. Results Outcomes calculated from data recordings (one-per-minute=92, one-persecond=92) showed very little to no difference. Sub analyses of recordings under 100 and 200 hours showed no difference. Conclusion Inour study descriptive statistics of one-per-minutedatawere comparable to one-per-second and could be used for retrospective analyses. Comparable routinely collected once per minute data could be used to develop algorithms or find associations retrospectively. Keywords: neonatology, technology, data, methodology, retrospective.