Hylke Salverda

19 1 General introduction and outline of this thesis retrospective comparisons of descriptive statistics. In Part IV we focus on clinical outcomes after using automated oxygen controllers as standard of care. Over 300 very preterm infants have received CLiO2 automated oxygen titration as standard of care. In Chapter 5 we compare the neonatal outcomes of these infants with infants born in the years before implementation of automated oxygen control. All preterm infants born under 30 weeks of gestation are invited to the outpatient clinic for standard follow-up at two years. In Chapter 6 we compare neurodevelopmental outcome of the same infants at a corrected age of two years. We conclude Part IV in Chapter 7 by comparing outcomes of infants treated with the CLiO2 algorithm with infants that received automated oxygen titration by the OxyGenie algorithm. Finally, in Part V of this thesis, the main findings of these studies are discussed and future perspectives are considered. The thesis is concluded with a summary of the studies, provided in English and Dutch.