Bastiaan Sallevelt

182 CHAPTER 2.3 Table SI2.2. Continued. Drug Class (ATC) ATC Code Description (ATC) STOPP Criteria START Criteria Comments adrenergics (inhalants) in combination with corticosteroids or other drugs, excl. anticholinergics R03AK13 salbutamol and beclometasone B1, B2 Drugs for obstructive airway diseases R03AL adrenergics (inhalants) in combination with anticholinergics B1 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02A corticosteroids for systemic use, plain H8 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02B corticosteroids for systemic use, combinations H8 Corticosteroids (systemic) N02CB01 flumedroxone (antimigraine preparation/corticosteroid derivative) H8 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02AB glucocorticoids for systemic use H4, H5, H8 E2 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02BX01 methylprednisolone, combinations H4, H5, H8, G2 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02AB01 betamethasone G2 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02AB02 dexamethasone G2 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02AB04 methyl-prednisolone G2 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02AB06 prednisolone G2 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02AB07 prednisone G2 Corticosteroids (systemic) H02AB08 triamcinolone G2