Bastiaan Sallevelt

164 CHAPTER 2.3 Table SI2.1. Continued. Medical condition Description ICD9 ICD10 ICPC1 ICPC2 STOPP Criteria START Criteria Falls Other fall on same level W18 E5 Falls Unspecified fall W19 E5 Arthrosis osteoarthrosis and allied disorders 715 H3, H5 Arthrosis artrosis spine L84.01 H3, H5 Arthrosis coxartrosis M16 L89 L89 H3, H5 Arthrosis gonartrosis M17 L90 L90 H3, H5 Arthrosis other artrosis M19 L91 H3, H5 Arthrosis polyarthrosis M15 H3, H5 Arthrosis Arthrosis of first carpometacarpal join M18 H3, H5 Arthrosis Spondylosis (incl: arthrosis of spine) M47 H3, H5 Arthrosis Osteoarthrosis other L91 H3, H5 Vaginitis atrofic vaginitis X11.02 G3 Vaginitis vaginitis/vulvitis nao X84 X84 G3 Vaginitis Postmenopausal atrophic vaginitis 627,3 N95.2 G3 Hysterectomy Acquired absence of genital organs Z90.7 J5 Hysterectomy Subtotal abdominal hysterectomy 68,3 J5 Hysterectomy Total abdominal hysterectomy 68,4 J5 Hysterectomy Radical abdominal hysterectomy 68,6 J5 Hysterectomy Radical vaginal hysterectomy 68,7 J5 Hysterectomy Other unspecified hysterectomy 68,9 J5 Hysterectomy Sleeping disorder P06 P06 D9, D10 Hysterectomy Nonorganic sleep disorder, unspecified 307,4 D9, D10 Hysterectomy Transient disorder of initiating or maintaining sleep 307,41 D9, D10