Bastiaan Sallevelt

118 CHAPTER 2.3 Figure 2. Flowchart illustrating the consensus procedure. Schematic representation of STOPP criterion C8 ‘Stop vitamin K antagonist, direct thrombin inhibitor or factor Xa inhibitors for first deep venous thrombosis without continuing provoking risk factors (e.g. thrombophilia) for >6 months’ illustrating the evaluation process (i.e. functionality check within a CDSS). Results Consensus procedure The consensus procedure resulted in the final list of algorithms as presented in the Supplementary Information SI1. Any consensus-based diversion from the original STOPP/START criteria is explained as a remark below the corresponding algorithm, including the addition of optional (excluding) conditions. During the consensus procedure, several challenges were faced while converting the textual STOPP/START recommendations and considerations into algorithms for software applications. A few examples illustrating the consequences of applying the coding principles to the algorithms are shown in Table 2.