Desley van Zoggel

Chapter 5 88 Table 4. Continued Age, years ≤65 >65 Gender Female Male ASA 1-2 3-4 T-stage primary T0/T1/T2 T3/T4 N-stage primary N0 N1/N2 Neoadjuvant radiotherapy primary No Short-course radiotherapy Full-course (chemo)radiotherapy Type of surgery TEM Rectosigmoid/LAR Abdominoperineal resection Adjuvant therapy primary None Chemotherapy Number of recurrences 1 2-3 Induction chemotherapy No Yes Neoadjuvant radiotherapy LRRC None Short-course radiotherapy Full-course (chemo)radiotherapy (Chemo)reirradiation Type of surgery LRRC Low anterior resection Abdominoperineal resection Multivisceral resection Nonvisceral resection Intraoperative radiotherapy None Yes Metastases No History Synchronous Number of metastases Single Multiple Resection margin R0 R1/R2 Note: P value in bold indicate a statistically significant difference.