Desley van Zoggel

Induction chemotherapy in locally recurrent rectal cancer 23 CHAPTER 2 Figure 1. Treatment flow chart for induction chemotherapy (ICT) Staging with MRI and PET/CT or CT 3 cycles of CAPOX ICT or 4 cycles of FOLFOX ICT Restaging with MRI and PET/CT or CT Locally unresectable or unresectable distant metastases Palliation No response CRRT Response Another 3-4 cycles of ICT CRRT CRRT 3-4 cycles for consolidation Restaging with MRI and PET/CT or CT Surgery Thirteen patients had ICT and consolidation therapy, 15 had all (full-course) chemotherapy cycles before chemoradiation therapy (CRRT) and 30 had only ICT and no consolidation therapy (for exact type of chemotherapy see Table S1, supporting information). Fourteen patients entered the palliative path. CAPOX capecitabine and oxaliplatin; FOLFOX leucovorin, fluorouracil and oxaliplatin.