Anna Brouwer

Chapter 1 General introduction, aims and scope of this thesis 9
Chapter 2 Prolonged cone b-wave on electroretinography is associated with severity of inflammation in noninfectious uveitis 35
Chapter 3 Electroretinogram abnormalities in non-infectious uveitis often persist 69
Chapter 4 Prolonged cone b-wave implicit time on electroretinography in relation to retinal layer analysis 93
Chapter 5 Electroretinogram abnormalities in non-anterior childhood uveitis 109
Chapter 6 Juvenile idiopathic arthritis uveitis: a typical anterior uveitis, but the retinal function can be affected 129
Chapter 7 Effects of DTL electrode position on the amplitude and implicit time of the electroretinogram 139
Chapter 8 Summary, discussion & future perspectives 159
Chapter 9 Nederlandse Samenvatting 175
Chapter 10 Appendices 183